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    There are some cocktails that are super popular and become regulars of a good night out. Why not try a cosmoplitan, mojito, manhattan, margarita, or one of the other popular cocktails.

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    This is a little different from the classic Spanish recipe, but still a great summer drink using red wine, lemonade, fresh oranges, limes, pineapple and cherries.

    Recipe by: Amanda

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    This variation on the classic daiquiri uses ripe mangoes. Serve it with a spring of mint. Drink up!!

    Recipe by: cassandra

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    Margaritas can be a little strong so dilute with mango nectar if you can get it. If you can't, peach or orange works just as well for a tropical treat.

    Recipe by: CEWILSON

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    Make sure you have a blender at your next party so you can make these great Pina Coladas! This easy measure version makes about 4 cocktails.

    Recipe by: homeboy

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    This is a simple lime based margarita that is stirred then served over crushed ice. Great to have a jug of this and good source of ice available on a hot day.

    Recipe by: Launa

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    This classic margarita has tequila, orange liqueur, sugar water and lime juice all shaken together then served in a salt rimmed glass over ice. Nice in the summer.

    Recipe by: Emma

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    This refreshing party cocktail has fresh mint, rum, sugar, lime juice, ice and fizzy water blended together to make an amazing drink for a hot summers day.

    Recipe by: Emma

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    This is a tart refreshing daiquiri which uses lemon instead of the traditional lime. You can adjust the sugar to taste.

    Recipe by: rolypoly

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    Most margaritas are made with lemon or lime juice but I prefer the fruitiness of grapefruit. Delicious with a salt rim.

    Recipe by: kate

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    Once you try cocktails with basil you will never look back! It adds a perfect note to a chilled summery drink.

    Recipe by: Cathie

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