Gin Cocktail (22)

    There is more to gin than a gin and tonic, try these great recipes to spice up your next party.

    Top Gin Cocktail Recipes

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    Is it Friday yet? This is my favourite cocktail to make in summer when bitter lemon is so refreshing.

    Recipe by: phyliss

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    Make this whenever strawberries are in season. You can substitute raspberries if you have them on hand.

    Recipe by: Allrecipes

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    This is the classic Iced Tea from Long Island, in the United States. The tea contains just a hint of citrus and a lot of alcohol. Sip and enjoy!

    Recipe by: Tara G.

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    Light, cool and refreshing, this is an ideal entree for a Summer lunch or dinner.

    Recipe by: fairfieldstation

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    A gin and tonic is a simple cocktail that combines gin with tonic water and fresh lime making it an easy drink to prepare after a hard day but are looking for something a bit different.

    Recipe by: Cubby

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