Cider Recipes (21)

    Cider is making its way into the culinary world featuring in a wide range of recipes from traditional drinks to more modern stews and casseroles.

    Top Cider Recipes

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    A richly flavoured combination of chicken and mixed vegetables, cooked in cider, with a topping of light, herby scones, makes a great dinner, particularly in winter.

    Recipe by: Zoƫ Harpham

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    This is the hot cider drink known as 'wassail,' traditionally drunk at Christmas and New Years. Be sure to toast "Be in good health" before your first sip.

    Recipe by: Audrey Wariner

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    This recipe makes about half a litre of dressing which you can make at the start of the week for your week's worth of salads. Keep in a glass jar in the fridge and shake before using each time.

    Recipe by: Linda

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    A modification of the Best Bread Machine Loaf recipe on this website. Makes a tasty, soft, flexible bread. Similar texture to the soft bread used for the bacon and cheese rolls in the shop, but with a similar crust to commercial sliced loaves. Not very crumbly and strong enough to keep your sandwiches together and not fall apart when spreading out of the fridge dairy blend stuff. The flavour from the pork and apple is subtle. I originally added vinegar to make it keep better but it is being eaten too quickly to find out how effective that was.

    Recipe by: trollsb

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    Succulent rolled pork loin with fresh thyme and sliced parsnips is roasted until crisp outside and juicy in the centre. Served with a dry cider cream sauce.

    Recipe by: Dawninfrance