Green Smoothie (38)

    Green smoothies are a healthy drink that get their colour from vitamin rich ingredients like kale, spinach or avocado. They make a great breakfast, midday snack or refreshing drink anytime.

    Top Green Smoothie Recipes

    3 reviews

    Kale, spinach, coconut and almond milk are blended together, creating the best green juice that is quick to prepare.

    Recipe by: Linh Duong

    149 reviews

    This smoothie is jam-packed with nutrients. It's good for you, vegan-friendly and tastes delicious. It contains around 2 portions of fruit and vegetables. Banana is liquidised with kale, soya milk, linseed and maple syrup.

    Recipe by: Rice

    86 reviews

    Banana, spinach, and peanut butter blend with yogurt and milk for a power-packed smoothie.

    Recipe by: Arizona Desert Flower

    79 reviews

    This flax and kale smoothie doesn't even taste green! Feel free to play with the ingredients. I'm not sure how well other greens go in this smoothie, but the taste of kale is really easy to cover up!

    Recipe by: WhitneyLW

    No reviews

    As my days get busier I find I am putting more into my smoothie recipes, creating a meal in a cup. This is my current favourite combination.

    Recipe by: ApplePie

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