Peanut Cookies

    Peanut and peanut butter cookie recipes are super popular and a great high protein snack perfect for the lunch box or weekend pick-me-up.

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    These are the quickest, simplest cookies that you will ever make and taste great!

    Recipe by: brookie_85

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    A cookie with a chewy, moist centre. The secret ingredient? Condensed milk! Adding condensed milk to the cookie batter gives these cookies a light and fluffy yet moist texture that melts in your mouth.

    Recipe by: charlottejain

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    Not a plain old peanut butter cookie, this biscuit has a hint of orange rind and a handful of sultanas. They are quick and easy to make and kids enjoy them.

    Recipe by: Dotty1

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    Big peanut butter cookies have a fun size candy bar baked inside. This recipe makes 24 big cookies.

    Recipe by: Jamie

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    These are easy and quick and you will be done in 20 minutes!(30 max!)

    Recipe by: darkrainbows

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    Simple and tasty biscuits

    Recipe by: shin

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    You can't really go wrong with a great chocolate chip cookies recipe like this one. They are so simple to make and the recipe is easily doubled.

    Recipe by: KATHY

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    Golden brown soft biscuits filled with choc chips and peanut butter. Feel free to replace the dark choc chips with white choc - or mix them both!

    Recipe by: Ben

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    After getting a little tired of the same chocolate-chip cookie recipe I normally used, I swapped out the choc-chips for a slightly healthier option of cranberries and peanuts. Just a slight variation on the classic.

    Recipe by: Nomes82

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    Those who prefer a large cookie, try this recipe! You can get much more satisfying than a good peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie.

    Recipe by: Judy

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