Peanut Cookies (24)

Peanut and peanut butter cookie recipes are super popular and a great high protein snack perfect for the lunch box or weekend pick-me-up.

Top Peanut Cookie Recipes

1 review

I picked this recipe up overseas: peanut butter cookies rolled in sugar then topped with a chocolate kiss. They are my hubbies favourite and he even likes to help.

Recipe by: JuliettevanSon

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This recipe has just 3 ingredients. It's fast, easy and these soft cookies are wonderful! It's great for kids that are just learning to bake.

Recipe by: Francie

13 reviews

This recipe has been in my family for a long time. It was always a welcome treat while we did our homework after school. Mum used to press them down with a fork but I have pressed half a peanut into each before baking.

Recipe by: Linda

4 reviews

These cookies were inspired by #Gishwhes2015, and because the world will never have enough ball cookies.

Recipe by: Nihlix0

3 reviews

Simple but perfect peanut butter cookies. They are completely egg and dairy free but still so delicious!

Recipe by: donkey12

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