Coconut Biscuits and Cookies (32)

    Coconut offers biscuits and cookies a pleasant sweet taste without the sugar, these recipes show the wide range of flavours available.

    Top Coconut Biscuit and Cookie Recipes

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    So easy to make these biscuits are a common snack in our house. Cornflakes, coconut and oats; how could you go wrong?

    Recipe by: Melissa J

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    These delicious macaroons have only three ingredients and are dairy and gluten free. Watch them being made in the Allrecipes Coconut Macaroons video.

    Recipe by: vewohl

    364 reviews

    This is my favourite recipe for chewy oatmeal biscuits with chocolate chips, grated coconut and chopped nuts.

    Recipe by: Woody Broadhurst

    35 reviews

    These decadent biscuits are entirely no-bake and very easy to prepare. They look festive and are ideal as a Christmas treat.

    Recipe by: June Kelly

    2 reviews

    Very soft and delicious.. When i make them they don't even have time to cool down

    Recipe by: joojii

    Coconut Biscuits Videos

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      Coconut Macaroons

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