Broth (26)

    Broth is a half way between a stock and a soup, it uses a stock base but has other ingredients added, it may be served as is or have further ingredients added to make it a soup.

    Top Broth Recipes

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    This is an authentic Lamb Scotch Broth recipe using lamb, rather than beef which you often see today. The result is a great base for many other recipes or a good soup on its own.

    Recipe by: alwayshungry

    5 reviews

    Fast convenient snack or entree. Can be used for stock as well. I usually make it for my children as it holds so many vitamins. Works just as well cooked on normal stove. The chicken and left over vegies can be eaten separately if required.

    Recipe by: Tammy

    2 reviews

    A tasty meat and pasta soup which is tomato flavoured.

    Recipe by: johntone

    2 reviews

    A mixture of fresh mushrooms is good for making a quick soup that tastes really special.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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    A traditional Mexican soup with chicken, chickpeas and chillies. It is usually served with grated cheese, avocado and lemon for squeezing. Super warm and yummy.

    Recipe by: guillermo

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