Seasame is a great addition to many recipes and can be added via seeds or sesame oil. Try it as part of a bread recipe or in an Asian stir fry.

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    Pine nuts and sesame seeds add a delicious nutty flavour to this quick bok choy stir fry. If you use normal size bok choy, slice then in half before you cook. You can cook any green leafy vegetables this way and omit the fish sauce if you want a vegetarian version.

    Recipe by: Herbie's Spices

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    Need a quick and easy side dish? Broccoli and green capsicum are stir-fried in light sesame oil with sesame seeds.

    Recipe by: KRISTAB

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    A great recipe for a pasta salad using leftover chicken and an Asian style dressing. Tastes great right away, and even better if you can allow it to marinate for a while.

    Recipe by: ohines

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    These are delightful Greek biscuits which are traditionally baked in an S-shape and covered with sesame seeds. You'll love them!

    Recipe by: PA.GRANNY

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    These are delicious little butter biscuits rolled in sesame seeds and then baked. You can also use almond essence.

    Recipe by: Rosaria

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    You might have had this delicious dish at a Chinese restaurant. It's actually very easy to make at home.

    Recipe by: sal

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    We like this delicious and easy marinade for chicken wings which has white wine, tarragon and mustard for a flavourful dinner.

    Recipe by: Cathie

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    These cheese sticks are made with wholemeal and plain flour and Parmesan cheese. They are delicious warm from the oven.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis and Joachim Wahnschaffe

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    In my opinion prawns are at their best stir fried briefly with spices and some fresh vegetables and served over white rice. Try it and see what you think.

    Recipe by: Debbie

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    Baby bok choy gets a sensational makeover: a spicy dressing makes all the difference to this Asian green. Serve with chargrilled chicken, pork steaks or stir-fried tofu cubes marinated in soy, ginger, honey and garlic, together with rice or noodles.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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