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Oceania is a great cuisine area that includes foods from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands including Fiji, Vanuatu and Papa New Guinea.

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This pavlova is easy to prepare and is gluten free. Use whatever fruit you like to decorate it; I like strawberries.

Recipe by: jencook

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Called "Lomi Lomi" in Hawaiian, this smoked salmon salad features diced smoked salmon and ripe tomatoes tossed with onion, spring onion and cayenne.

Recipe by: SAXONY

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A classic Australian favourite. Always gone within minutes!

Recipe by: Cathey

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This is a recipe my Mother has used for many years and now I do too!

Recipe by: Sandyjeanes

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Traditional Christmas Pudding is delicious, but in the hot weather it can be a bit heavy. In NZ and Australia, it's probably best left for a Mid-Winter Christmas Feast. Here is a New Zealand Christmas Pudding suitable for the hotter weather.

Recipe by: fander

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