Almond Milk

    Almond milk is a great vegan substitute, or a healthy recipe substitution for those looking for a little more goodness in their recipes, and this is before we start talking about the great taste!

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    This is a fun twist on a classic, the savoury scone. With the added cheese and sausage, these buttery bites are great for any occasion.

    Recipe by: CharletteBetts

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    These vegan coconut biscuits have a slight crispy crunch and an understated coconut taste. Perfect for a coffee or tea break.

    Recipe by: TheFlexitarian

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    This omelette will rock your world! Baked omelettes are so quick and easy; and very low maintenance, in comparison with their stove top counterparts, which require constant attention. This is fantastic for lunch or dinner, or even breakfast or brunch.

    Recipe by: theblendergirl

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    This recipe is another one I adapted from my childhood. This latest gluten free incantation is simple, tasty, and thanks to the beloved pumpkin – really moist. These quick, easy muffins can be prepared in less than 10 minutes and are totally scrumptious!

    Recipe by: theblendergirl

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    This shake is absolutely scrumptious! Throw some dates in the blender with some bananas, almond milk and coconut water, and prepare for pure heaven. Trust me – make a date with this shake – you won’t be disappointed. It is absolutely delicious!

    Recipe by: theblendergirl

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    This delicious chocolate zucchini cake is a perfect example of how delicious vegan baking can be. Pure indulgence!

    Recipe by: TheFlexitarian

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    This cake recipe has no butter or oil, no eggs or dairy products. Instead, I put a little almond milk and applesauce. Result: a soft cake cooked to perfection and very healthy.

    Recipe by: labelleverte

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    This spinach and kale smoothie gives you an extra boost of energy thanks to peanut butter and chia seeds added to the mix.

    Recipe by: Jamie Lynn Mehney

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    Peanut butter cups are a popular choice of treat across the world. Our recipe shows you how to make them yourselves, whilst maintaining your healthy diet, as these are high in protein and low in carbs.

    Recipe by: esmithvl

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    This recipe was an experiment that went wonderfully right. Fluffy, light, nutritious and gluten free. Great for breakfast with lemon and local honey or for dessert with caramelised pears in honey and creme fraiche. Yum.

    Recipe by: carol.f1956

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