Almond Milk (23)

    Almond milk is a great vegan substitute, or a healthy recipe substitution for those looking for a little more goodness in their recipes, and this is before we start talking about the great taste!

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    Papaya, fresh turmeric, fresh ginger and almond milk are blended together in this supercharged smoothie.

    Recipe by: Sophie

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    These taste amazing and are quick to make! You can play around and substitute different milks, oils and extracts; just about any will work. I've listed my favourites. These are great with a simple frosting of cocoa powder, icing sugar and orange juice.

    Recipe by: cornfairy

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    I adjusted an existing recipe to make it more of what I was looking for in taste and with the addition of healthy ingredients for my family … who aren’t big on eating healthy ingredients so I need to hide them :)

    Recipe by: KimMagr

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    Sunday afternoons are lazy and rest days for me now... so I decided to design a tasty protein ball snack. No baking required.

    Recipe by: foodtechnologyteacher

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    This is a fun twist on a classic, the savoury scone. With the added cheese and sausage, these buttery bites are great for any occasion.

    Recipe by: CharletteBetts

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