Gruyre cheese is great for baking in recipes like quiches, fondues and pastas, it has a non-overpowering taste and melts well.

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    Quiche is a tasty yet easy food for home or parties. This one is a great combination of Asparagus and Gruyère cheese.

    Recipe by: kristen

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    This is a great recipe for French onion soup, the trick is using butter and the long cook time of the onions to maximise the flavour.

    Recipe by: Lupin Pooter

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    Chicken is dusted with a flour seasoned with parsley and dill before being fried, this is then combined with fried onion and mushroom in a casserole dish where Gruyere cheese is added for the last stage of cooking.

    Recipe by: Rebecca

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    This is a very elegant and easy dish for a dinner party. You can even make it ahead. If you can't find Gruyere, substitute another hard yellow cheese like Swiss.

    Recipe by: DOREENB

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    These Gruyere sausage rolls are quick and easy to make. Wrapped up Dijon dipped pork sausages with ready rolled puff pastry then sprinkled with Gruyere cheese.

    Recipe by: Bibus

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    Goat cheese and cooked capsicums are the topping for these tasty pita-pizzas. Serve as a light lunch, or cut each pizza into small wedges and serve them as party nibbles.

    Recipe by: Bibus

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    A very elegant and attractive salad with the perfect combination of flavours and textures. Serve at a dinner party or buffet spread.

    Recipe by: annef

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    It's best to use a strongly flavoured cheese for this lovely soup, such as Gruyere. The potatoes make it dense and rich.

    Recipe by: Stephan70

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    Fondue is a nice thing to do with a group of friends over a winter dinner party. You can make it with all sorts of cheese but I think Gruyère is the best.

    Recipe by: KarlHeinz

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    Cheese fondue has been going in and out of fashion for years. I am specific about the types of cheeses used as I think these get the best results, you can experiment for what you like best.

    Recipe by: Nora

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