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    There are a wide variety of cuts of lamb that can be used in recipes including legs of lamb, lamb chops, lamb shank and rack of lamb.

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    Top Lamb Cut Recipes

    336 reviews

    Can't go wrong with lamb shanks! This is the perfect recipe for a dinner party because all the preparation is done in advance, leaving only the slow braising.

    Recipe by: S. Hodge

    47 reviews

    The preparation is incredibly simple. All vegetable ingredients are cut into medium sized pieces, not diced. Serve with steamed potatoes or mashed potatoes and green vegetables of your choice. Absolutely scrumptious!! Enjoy!!!

    Recipe by: MaEarth2008

    14 reviews

    Impress your friends with a juicy rack of lamb – they need never know just how easy it is to cook this dish.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

    160 reviews

    These are simple but very tasty, and make for an easy weeknight meal. Serve with your favourite side dishes.

    Recipe by: Leslie W Dobson

    74 reviews

    The lamb shanks are slow-cooked in a generous amount of red wine. This is best served with the sauce juices poured over mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, risotto or even soft polenta.

    Recipe by: Lasse's Solskinn

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