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Tree fruit is a great range of fruits including apples, peaches and pears. There are so many great recipes you can make from pies to salads.

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6 reviews

This salsa can be used on fish as well as chicken! Be sure your mangoes are ripe for the best flavour.

Recipe by: Rimi

18 reviews

This is slightly different to the usual apple crumble topping but is easy to make and utterly delicious. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Apple Crumble Video.

Recipe by: Olga

73 reviews

I love apple crumble. Even more than apple pie. After many years of trial and error and amalgamating other recipes I think I've finally perfected it! Or to the delight of my taste buds anyway.

Recipe by: chorazy

16 reviews

This recipe makes delicious muffins with a glorious soft, spongy centre. I add a sprinkle of icing sugar on top to add a nice finish to them.

Recipe by: Callum Stewart

13 reviews

I have given so many people this recipe - substitute any fruits for the apple and if you don't have time to pre-cook it - just slice it finely and then add a little more sugar if it is a "tart" fruit (rhubarb, granny smith apples, some types of stonefruit, etc). Quick, easy, and foolproof! Great to bake in the oven whilst the main course is cooking.

Recipe by: mintzaroni

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