Onion Soup

    Recipes for onion soup vary greatly: there must be onion in it, on that we all agree. Browse our onion soup recipes to see the many variations.

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    This is a tasty French soup. The flavours are divine. This recipe serves 6.

    Recipe by: frenchflair

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    This is a specialty of Florence, Italy. It is a rich, slightly sweet soup similar to French onion soup. Try adding roast garlic for a variation.

    Recipe by: Elsie Wollaston

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    This is a great recipe for French onion soup, the trick is using butter and the long cook time of the onions to maximise the flavour.

    Recipe by: Lupin Pooter

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    This is a great French onion soup recipe for when I don't feel like spending hours in the kitchen. Tastes just as fancy.

    Recipe by: MichaR

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    It's hard to explain just how satisfying a bowl of French onion soup is, particularly on a cold night.

    Recipe by: rbdemediros

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    This a great velvety asparagus soup made in the microwave.It has a a lovely green colour and is great with crunchy rolls.

    Recipe by: Pyromommy

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    The secret of this rich, warming soup lies in the slow cooking of the onions and leeks, in just a little butter and oil, until lightly caramelised. Thinly sliced potatoes add extra carbohydrate and help to thicken the stock.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    Not only tasty but healthy, this soup is perfect for cold days. Risoni pasta in onion and tomato soup is sure to please.

    Recipe by: Gastrosfera

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    Similar to a French onion soup but so much easier. About the only trouble you have to take is dicing the onions.

    Recipe by: Lilla

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    A classic and economical dish I never get tired of. Another nice idea is to rub each baguette slice with a clove of garlic before grilling.

    Recipe by: laFillevenueduFroid

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