Wedges are a great option if you are looking for some variety to chips as a side dish. They are great with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream.

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Sweet potato or kumara wedges make a great change from regular potatoes. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Sweet Potato Wedges Video.

Recipe by: Christine L.

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These potato wedges are dipped in a mixture of butter, olive oil, garlic, paprika, salt and pepper. They are roasted in a hot oven until crispy and golden brown.

Recipe by: Jon2

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I love wedges, and now they seem healthier and easier that I am cooking them in my air fryer. As always serve them with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.

Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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Why buy potato wedges when they are so easy to make? This Herbie's Spices Blend is salty but has no bad additives in it.

Recipe by: Herbie's Spices

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Heathier potato wedges baked in the oven. This recipes uses onion and garlic powder but you can use other seasoning or even dried herbs.

Recipe by: Heather Sweet

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One of Australia's culinary secrets that the rest of the world is unaware of. But beware, it's love at first bite. Wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli dip.

Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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Try this recipe for potato wedges as an alternative to mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes. A great and warming side dish.

Recipe by: MELZIE22

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An easy and tasty way to cook potatoes. The recipes is made with Maggi onion soup mix, cream and cheese.

Recipe by: shazzieau

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Delicious potato wedges with spicy chilli and garlic seasoning. A sprinkling of parmesan cheese over the top, tantalizes the taste buds.

Recipe by: shazzieau

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Lightly crushed coriander seeds and a hint of cinnamon accentuate the flavours of the vegetables, baked in wedges and served with a tangy mustard and yogurt dip. This is a terrific way to add more vegetables to your diet.

Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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