Sultanas a a versitile ingredient used in recipes from cakes, breads and muffins to salads and curries they are a great ingredient to have on hand.

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    This rice pudding with honey, cinnamon and sultanas is similar to an Indian-style rice pudding and is cooked in a pot on the stove - not baked.

    Recipe by: VERDIEIIIS

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    This is an easy and wonderfully tasty sultana cake. Initially the sultanas are boiled which creates a nice soft fruit that some other versions of sultana cakes don't have.

    Recipe by: Marcie Smith

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    Pilaf is a rice dish found over the world. Rice is cooked in stock and onion, like a risotto, but without all the stirring. Almonds add flavour.

    Recipe by: Annette

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    Haroset is a Jewish Passover dish. This version omits the traditional apple for a sweeter flavour based on dates and sultanas.

    Recipe by: Katy

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    The classic British dessert, made with white bread, eggs, milk, nutmeg and either sultanas or currant.

    Recipe by: Swanseaboy17

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    This was in my mum's recipe collection that I inherited. You can substitute golden syrup for the treacle.

    Recipe by: sharon

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    An excellent chutney for pork or lamb. Mangoes are simmered with sultanas, ginger, onion, garlic and lots of spices. Makes plenty, so be prepared with sterilised jars. Makes great presents as well.

    Recipe by: Shirley Crowley

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    A colourful, fragrant Indian-style rice. If desired, for presentation purposes, the rice can be pressed into a lightly-oiled bowl, inverted and unmoulded on to a decorative serving plate, and then garnished with fresh coriander and slices of lime and tomato.

    Recipe by: MICHELLE0011

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    Moist and yummy these are a nice change from the normal cupcake. The apple and sultanas go well together. Add a dash of cinnamon if you like. Lovely hot out of the oven with a bit of butter or cool with a cup of tea. Or great in kids lunch boxes.

    Recipe by: Foxglove

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    This is an easy recipe to make a great banana and sultana loaf. Good use of left over bananas and all the other ingredients will be in the house.

    Recipe by: Farmersgirl

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