Sometimes prunes get a bit of a hard time, but they are a healthy and versitile ingredient, especially in baking recipes.

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    This recipe is an attempt to make low fat brownies using pureed prunes for moisture and colour. They are gooey and indulgent like regular brownies.

    Recipe by: Roberta Tripp

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    The pressure cooker gives this lamb casserole the feeling it has been cooking all day with beautiful rich flavours in only an hour.

    Recipe by: Pierre43

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    Prunes and pork are a classic flavour combination and here it is given extra flavour with ginger and orange.

    Recipe by: Zoƫ Harpham

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    This cake is a little more trouble than some but it well worth it! It's moist and rich with a delicious sauce.

    Recipe by: WYJAC

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    A simple but tasty recipe I created one evening after getting out a whole pork fillet and not finding anything to do with it.

    Recipe by: foufee

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    The warm flavours of cinnamon, dried fruits and chicken make this tagine a Moroccan classic!

    Recipe by: aashw5

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    This is a classic prune flan recipe from northwest France - Bretangne. Very easy to make and served in the pan.

    Recipe by: saning

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    Succulent pan-seared duck breasts served with an easy peasy pan sauce of red wine and prunes, embellished with aromatic allspice and bay leaf. I served this with a mixture of wild and brown rice and roasted broccoli and my husband absolutely loved it!

    Recipe by: Diana

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    These beautiful muffins are absolutely delicious and full of flavour, they also have the added bonus of being high in fibre. makes 12 muffins

    Recipe by: Jacqueline2712

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    This is my mother's take on tzimmes which is a Jewish dish usually eaten at Rosh Hashanah when it is traditional to eat sweet foods.

    Recipe by: andee

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