Poppy Seed (26)

Poppy seeds are an oilseed that are a small and black adding texture to many recipes. They are used in many cultures' cuisines including Indian, Jewish and European.

Top Poppy Seed Recipes

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You have probably never tried the combination of pasta and poppy seeds but it's a winner! The simplest spaghetti recipe you will ever make.

Recipe by: Judy

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Here's a Christmas favourite from Poland! Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Polish Poppy Seed Roll Video.

Recipe by: gee

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A perfect healthy snack option these tasty muffins are packed with great ingredients like bran, honey, bananas and poppy seeds.

Recipe by: SWIMMERVI

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This is a recipe for those feeling adventurous. Making bagels is a little time-consuming, but the hot and fresh results make it well worth the effort. Top with sugar or poppy seeds if desired.

Recipe by: Ann

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A delicious Ukrainian inspired poppy seed cake that is filled with a sweet lemon filling. The secret to keeping this cake moist is that is uses sour cream. Enjoy.

Recipe by: Olga

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