Fish Tacos

An increasingly popular and healthy version of the taco, fish tacos are a delightful summery meal. Recipes include those which use both crispy and soft shells.

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Any white fish fillets make the perfect filling for tacos! Serve with sour cream, fresh coriander, crisp shredded lettuce and extra lime wedges.


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This light fish taco is an ideal option for a summer entree or light lunch. The homemade sauce is a great addition and you can tweek to your ideal spicy level.

Recipe by: Fountain Sauces

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These are amazing fish tacos with mango-coriander salsa and chipotle aioli sauce. I have run this in the last restaurant I worked at as a daily special. It always sold out!

Recipe by: Chef Shelley Pogue

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If you like fish fingers, here's a new and novel way to serve them. It's such a simple dinner but so good!

Recipe by: Chris

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Wonderful fish tacos with a smoky chipotle flavour. You can change the toppings to your preference but these work very well.

Recipe by: mabcat

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Lime, salsa and coriander make a great blend with tinned tuna. Serve in a taco shell for the perfect summer recipe!

Recipe by: KMOUSE

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Wonderful fish tacos with a smokey BBQ flavoured fish, made easy with BBQ sauce complemented with mango and avocado.

Recipe by: BushCook

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Fish tacos are a great change from the usual. This recipe serves mahi mahi with a fruit salsa and a ginger-lime dressing.

Recipe by: Fiestaqueen

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This is a great tuna fish taco recipe that is light yet filling thanks to refried beans. Delicious and easy.

Recipe by: KUL567

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An easy weekend meal with friends, or a quick week night meal for the family. Vary the type of salad added, and make the recipe yours.

Recipe by: Christine

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