Matzo Ball Soup

    Matzo balls are a Jewish dumpling usually made of matzo meal, eggs, oil and water. They are often served in soup.

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    The classic Jewish soup of matzo balls in chicken broth. Don't add too much meal to the matzo balls so as to make sure they float.

    Recipe by: May Gerstle

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    Sweet potato, parsnip, carrot, celery and homemade matzo balls with a hint of dill. This isn't some tired old matzo ball soup recipe, it's tasty and delicious.

    Recipe by: Granny

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    This is fantastic chicken soup, even better the next day. Note, these matzo balls are 'sinkers'. Cut the matzoh meal by 1/2 cup if you want them to float.

    Recipe by: SpicyChick

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    Made with eggs, matzo meal, a splash of vodka and soda water, these tasty matzo balls are simmered in chicken stock until fluffy and cooked through.

    Recipe by: cogy

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    A delicious Jewish chicken soup. Chicken is simmered with onion, carrots, parsnips and matzo dumplings. These matzo balls are dense and heavy, just like they should be.

    Recipe by: Layla

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    Comforting soup with matzo balls made with margarine, matzo meal, parsley, pepper and boiled in chicken stock.

    Recipe by: hillrockra

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    This soup has eggs, homemade chicken dumplings and rice in chicken stock. This is a great meal all year round, but is lovely in the winter to warm you up.

    Recipe by: rachel ferst

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    An easy matzo balls recipes for Hanukkah. Serve in a soup or in a bowl of milk. Either way its great. This is so easy any one could make them. Enjoy.

    Recipe by: Janine

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    These delicious matzo balls are made of eggs, onion, thyme and matzo meal. The are served in a soup of stock, carrots, celery and spring onion. Great for Shabbat or Passover.

    Recipe by: Granny

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    This is my favourite soup to serve at Passover but it's good year round. You can boil the matzoh balls separately if you don't want them to make the broth cloudy.

    Recipe by: Holly

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