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    Ham is a versatile meat with it being popular baked and glazed at Christmas. Ham recipes also include pea and ham soup, sandwiches, quiche and pasta bakes.

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    1040 reviews

    A great way to make a holiday ham. I do this while preparing the rest of the meal in the kitchen so that I don't forget to baste!

    Recipe by: Colleen

    621 reviews

    This is a great tangy glaze for a whole ham. If you have any glaze left over, you can add it to the pan drippings with a little flour or cornflour and make a nice sauce to accompany the meat.

    Recipe by: Sue S.

    16 reviews

    This baked savoury slice is very nice served with a tossed salad or eaten on its own as a snack. It's a nice addition to school lunches.

    Recipe by: MRSCHUCK

    417 reviews

    When I want a simple but warming soup I go for this simple pea and ham soup recipe that only has three main ingredients peas, ham and onion.

    Recipe by: TEETOE

    105 reviews

    This is a tasty ham and mushroom quiche that doesn’t use a pastry making it quick and easy to make for a quick midweek dinner or relaxing weekend lunch.

    Recipe by: LMSM

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