Challah is a braided Jewish bread traditionally made with eggs and eaten on Sabbath and holidays. Try making your own!

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    This Challah bread is a bit sweeter than normal. The doughier you want the bread to be, the shorter time you should bake it.

    Recipe by: SuperRebbetzin

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    This is a quick and easy recipe for braided Challah loaves. I have tried countless combinations to finally get it right. It uses quick rise yeast to save you a bunch of time. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: Palsar7

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    This recipe makes a decadent and rich 4-strand braided Challah bread. No matter who I serve this to, everyone hails it the best Challah they've tasted. Makes 2 large loaves.

    Recipe by: ANISELAINE

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    An extremely tasty braided challah loaf. This bread freezes extremely well after baking, just defrost in a ziploc bag with the zipper open.

    Recipe by: twkitchen

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    Here's a great wholemeal challah (braided Jewish bread) recipe. Warm and light, fresh out of the oven with butter and salt sprinkled on top, it's irresistible!

    Recipe by: Dollup~of~Daisy

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    This is a great stuffing for a Christmas turkey. It uses challah bread instead of regular bread crumbs. This makes enough to fill a 7 kg turkey.

    Recipe by: Pattipoopidoo

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    This stuffing has a rich texture because it uses challah bread instead of plain breadcrumbs. You can stuff your chicken with this of just bake it on its own.

    Recipe by: Jackie

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