Challah is a braided Jewish bread traditionally made with eggs and eaten on Sabbath and holidays. Try making your own!

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    Challah is an easy to make bread that is traditionally made for Jewish Sabbath but can be made and enjoyed all year round.

    Recipe by: Joan Callaway

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    The dough of this rich egg bread is made in the bread machine but then braided and baked in the oven.

    Recipe by: Ione Walker

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    A classic Jewish challah bread that is sweetened with a bit of honey. The bread is braided to make a beautiful loaf then baked until golden brown.

    Recipe by: Rivka

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    This is my easy version of Challah, Jewish braided bread. I use a bread machine to get the same great flavour (without the braiding).

    Recipe by: Suzy

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    This is a very easy recipe designed for minimum preparation. Unlike some challah breads it is not sweet, but if you like add 1/2 cup sugar.

    Recipe by: Sy Dolnick

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    This is a tasty bread recipe called Challah that is made partly in the bread maker. It includes ingredients like honey to give it a sweet unique taste.

    Recipe by: Marylyn Pisseri

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    It's only a little extra work to make a fancy braided challah loaf of bread. This version does not include butter.

    Recipe by: nadia

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    This is my favourite recipe for challah bread that I came up with because I didn't like others that I tasted. This recipe makes a lot - two large braided loaves.

    Recipe by: NUNU123182

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    Challah - braided Jewish bread - is a wonderful bread for a first-time breadmaker. You can even make the dough ahead and refrigerate it until next morning. This should slow the yeast's growth so that you can leave it out on the counter until it's ready for the next stage in late afternoon or early evening.

    Recipe by: Bracha

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    Braided challah looks very impressive but isn't hard to make. Try different toppings with this recipe such as sesame seeds, dried onion flakes, granulated garlic, sea salt or flax seeds.

    Recipe by: LORIBARRY

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