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Olives are an assertive and flavourful addition to many recipes from a classic pizza or pasta sauce, to dips like tapenade.

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This is a classic Mediterranean olive spread often served as a tapa on good crusty bread. It's similar to tapanade but a little simpler.

Recipe by: Katie Floyd

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These puff pastry-wrapped olives make great finger food. We use big green stuffed olives. You can make ahead and freeze-just allow 30 minutes for the pastry to thaw before cooking them. Another advantage: fun for kids to make and eat! Watch the technique in our video.

Recipe by: syd

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Good strong tastes in this stuffed pork fillet - mustard, garlic and olives. It is barbecued but you can oven bake it if you prefer.

Recipe by: Richard

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This is a tasty and piquant salsa of black olives, chillies and tomatoes. It's great either as a dip or with fish.

Recipe by: Susan Navarrete

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This is a classic rustic Italian method of cooking chicken with garlic and rosemary then simmering in wine. Tomatoes and olives add colour and kick.

Recipe by: WATL1

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