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Looking for ideas for Christmas lunch? There are plenty of recipe options whether you are looking for turkey, chicken, fish or something a little more unique.

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It's thought that garlic has properties to fight cancer, cholesterol and heart disease. Given the amount of garlic in this recipe, this is just about the healthiest dish you can eat!

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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The secret to this perfectly seasoned and juicy turkey is overnight brining. I never cook it any other way since I learned this recipe.

Recipe by: Shelly White

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There's lots of recipes around for lunch and dinner on Christmas day but what about breakfast? If you're vegetarian and want something yummy and easy that looks great when served try these!

Recipe by: rachiedwelsh

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The best way to keep a roasted turkey juicy and full of flavour is by massaging herb butter under the skin before roasting. Perfect for Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner.

Recipe by: Maria

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This is so easy to make, and tastes wonderful. Be careful not to over cook the chicken. This is also just as tasty cold the next day in sandwiches

Recipe by: Nicole

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Rosemary sprigs and orange in the stuffing, with red wine, redcurrant jelly and orange in the sauce, add piquancy to the richness of the duck.

Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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Here's a roast meal, cooked in one pan, that even makes its own gravy — the pan juices are so full of flavour that no other accompaniment is needed. Use a large roasting tin, so that the vegetables cook in a single layer.

Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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A lovely light pre-Christmas lunch with the girls or as an entree before a seafood lunch on Christmas day!

Recipe by: lynjoymac

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If you like Korean short ribs, you will love this barbecued lamb recipe. You can also use the marinade on ribs, steak or pork. Good with flatbread.

Recipe by: Cyndi

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Succulent ling is baked in a simple, delicate Caribbean-inspired chutney marinade. You can use any white fish in this recipe.

Recipe by: LINDA W.

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