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    Baking gluten free can seem daunting but there are many options and recipes to choose from whether it is a cake, slice, muffin, biscuit or cookie you are looking for.

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    Global Cuisine

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    These little cupcakes have the subtle (healthy!!) taste of grated pear and would you believe they are wheat-free and dairy-free.

    Recipe by: jazzylily

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    This is a totally decadent recipe given to me by a bridesmaid. It is more a flourless dessert than a cake and, if cooked for a man on a date, will secure the relationship. The secret to success is in the cooking. Very hard work, but worth it.

    Recipe by: LOULOU73

    2 reviews

    Gluten-free cake suitable for special occasions and all made in a food processor. Apples and dates hidden inside and a nice coconutty topping.

    Recipe by: flynnrf

    2 reviews

    We kept these apple cinnamon muffins gluten free and diary free by using gluten free four and soy milk, combined with brown and raw sugars, vanilla and an apple.

    Recipe by: Julie

    2 reviews

    These cupcakes makes 12 light, fluffy cupcakes or a small round cake, perfect for any occasion! An allergy free cake that anyone can enjoy!

    Recipe by: Shell_Out

    1 review

    Ground almonds take the place of flour in this cake, thus making it a torte. Whole oranges and yoghurt give it a tangy flavour.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

    1 review

    This throw together” fruit cake is not a decadent fruit cake but is scrumptious nonetheless. I offer it to you as a perfect natural rescue remedy for any sugar cravings, or as a quick easy cake for surprise guests. You could literally throw this together and be chowing down in under an hour.

    Recipe by: theblendergirl

    20 reviews

    A Norwegian almond cake with a custard topping for a special occasion and/or for dessert. Incredibly rich but gluten free!

    Recipe by: TIGERDYR

    643 reviews

    Serve this lovely chocolate cake, made with dark chocolate and cocoa, warm with whipped cream or just dusted with icing sugar.

    Recipe by: Shana

    6 reviews

    A popular snack in Brazil, these delicious Parmesan cheese puffs are easy to make and also gluten free!

    Recipe by: GraçaRibeiro

    2 / 10

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