Egg Free Cupcakes

These are a wide range of tasty cupcakes and none of them contain eggs which is great for those of us that can't eat eggs.

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Cupcakes make us think of parties and entertaining! This is an easy egg-free cupcake recipe that will become a family favourite for all occasions!

Recipe by: Shell_Out

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These little cupcakes have the subtle (healthy!!) taste of grated pear and would you believe they are wheat-free and dairy-free.

Recipe by: jazzylily

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These taste amazing and are quick to make! You can play around and substitute different milks, oils and extracts; just about any will work. I've listed my favourites. These are great with a simple frosting of cocoa powder, icing sugar and orange juice.

Recipe by: cornfairy

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These cupcakes makes 12 light, fluffy cupcakes or a small round cake, perfect for any occasion! An allergy free cake that anyone can enjoy!

Recipe by: Shell_Out

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Ok, so mayonnaise isn't something you would normally find in a cupcake recipe, but for whatever reason it works and makes really moist cupcakes.

Recipe by: scholzy

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It's my latest recipe from my blog Sugar-free - uses agave as a sweetener. Delicious!

Recipe by: regisfilia

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These amazing little cupcakes are like miniature no-bake cheesecakes. You can also use frozen raspberries.

Recipe by: William Anatooskin

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This basic cupcake recipe is simple with only 6 ingredients and lots of room for your own creativity. Try my tasty flavour combinations or invent your own.

Recipe by: Kilda

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Using your favourite gluten free biscuits, you can add your own twist to these amazing little cheesecake cupcakes. They are like miniature no-bake cheesecakes. Make things simple and use frozen raspberries.

Recipe by: Shell_Out

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This chocolate cupcake recipe has cocoa and chilli to make delicious and spicy cupcakes. Combine these cupcakes with your favourite icing then top with a red chilli.

Recipe by: Kilda

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