Egg Free Chocolate Cake

    Love chocolate cake but can't eat eggs? No problems this is a great collection of chocolate cake recipes that have no eggs.

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    This beautiful cake is very moist and very chocolately and is great decorated with fruit as well as with chocolate icing!

    Recipe by: Ginger Perkins

    821 reviews

    This is a very simple cake to make, perfect for baking with kids. It is also egg-free and dairy-free and the ingredients are inexpensive.

    Recipe by: Amy Parsons

    11 reviews

    Cupcakes make us think of parties and entertaining! This is an easy egg-free cupcake recipe that will become a family favourite for all occasions!

    Recipe by: Shell_Out

    30 reviews

    While the ingredient list might look a little strange, the result is a moist chocolate cake, without the eggs! Popular with children - young and old.

    Recipe by: JJOHN32

    45 reviews

    Kids with egg allergies shouldn't miss out on chocolate cake, this is an easy no egg recipe that tastes great for the whole family.

    Recipe by: lisajohnst

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    Its a non-dairy, vegan chocolate cake which is delicious. Its perfect for people with allergies to dairy products and whoever wants something light and healthy and for people who are fasting.

    Recipe by: Marsbar

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    Although the cake has no eggs or milk, it's a chocolate cake that is moist, delicious and dark, a treat for all the family, and for any celebration.

    Recipe by: Mary Knipe

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    A deliciously moist, cake that provides the indulgence of chocolate, but without the eggs. For an extra treat, add vanilla or nuts to the icing.

    Recipe by: Adora Marchi

    6 reviews

    This is a great cake, there's no eggs, half the sugar has been replaced with a sugar substitute, and yet it looks and tastes like a normal moist, tasty chocolate cake!

    Recipe by: Tina

    1 review

    It's my latest recipe from my blog Sugar-free - uses agave as a sweetener. Delicious!

    Recipe by: regisfilia

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