Alcoholic Drinks

    Sometimes adults are looking for a little more from there drinks and turn to something with some alcohol like a punch or cocktail.

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    Global Cuisine

    12 reviews

    Orange liqueur, lime and cranberry juice team up with vodka for a sweet-and-sour drink that's almost too refreshing!

    Recipe by: Michelle

    44 reviews

    This is how my grandad makes his cuppa. He's in his seventies now and drinks whisky like he'll never get hold of it again. This drink is very relaxing and a great way to relax family members and friends.

    Recipe by: Princey

    19 reviews

    This drink is refreshing, Asian-inspired, and sure to impress your guests or that someone special!

    Recipe by: Bellakitty

    95 reviews

    A Buck's fizz differs from a mimosa in the ratio of champagne to orange juice - mimosas have an equal mix.

    Recipe by: Jodi Hamrick

    52 reviews

    Vodka jello shots in champagne. Me and my friends gave this drink its name during a party when we were drinking champagne and eating jelly shots and they somehow got mixed up together.

    Recipe by: Pamela D

    27 reviews

    This is the classic Iced Tea from Long Island, in the United States. The tea contains just a hint of citrus and a lot of alcohol. Sip and enjoy!

    Recipe by: Tara G.

    1 review

    This variation on the classic daiquiri uses ripe mangoes. Serve it with a spring of mint. Drink up!!

    Recipe by: cassandra

    47 reviews

    This is a mulled wine drink inspired by my trip to Germany, where a similar drink is a traditional part of winter celebrations.

    Recipe by: rainy

    18 reviews

    With its sweet and citrusy flavour, this icy cool granita can be deceiving. Perfect for a summer afternoon, just make sure you make them alcohol-free if there are children around!

    Recipe by: qweenbee53

    4 reviews

    This is a delicious summery cocktail. It also works well as a punch in the same ratios with the addition of some sparkling wine.

    Recipe by: Little Miss Perfect

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