Fish Pie (29)

    Whether you like your fish pie topped with mashed potato, pastry or mixed with pasta and breadcrumbs, check out our fish pie recipes for dinner tonight.

    Top Fish Pie Recipes

    63 reviews

    About the only dish in my house that gets the whole family licking the plate clean. (Even my fussy 3-year old!) Simple and delicious.

    Recipe by: Gracie_Webster

    3 reviews

    Easy to make and tastes good too. Perfect for the nights when you come home late from work because it is so quick and easy. Also very good reheated.

    Recipe by: Xanthe

    68 reviews

    This is an easy and delicious meal of white fish and vegetables in a creamy sauce, topped with mashed potatoes and cheese.

    Recipe by: STRIPELAND

    32 reviews

    This is an easy to make fish pie using a mash potato top and creme fraiche with cheese instead of a time consuming and tricky roux based sauce.

    Recipe by: gingerbiscuit

    1 review

    The flavours of white fish, smoked fish, salmon and prawns interweave with one another in this luxurious seafood pie topped with creamy mashed potatoes.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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