Bulgur, also known as cracked wheat, is a healthy cereal that is used in a variety of tasty recipes including tabbouleh, burgers, stews and salads.

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Tabbouleh is delicious, healthy and very easy to make but it is always best eaten on the day that it is made.

Recipe by: EPITOPES

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This tabbouleh salad is made into a full meal with the addition of king prawns. They are perfect with the mint and lemon.

Recipe by: Iron Chef Suzi-Q

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This is a Swedish bread which is called 'limpa.' You can also use wholemeal flour if you can't find rye flour or don't like it.

Recipe by: MARBALET

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This is a super heathy wholemeal bread which contains sunflower seeds, bulgur, linseed and honey. These quantities make six loaves so halve if necessary.

Recipe by: Dee Dee

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Lebanese kibbeh with a difference - no meat and it's baked not grilled, fried or barbecued. An excellent vegetarian dish for your next Lebanese feast!

Recipe by: RitaT

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This is a single dish meal which I created myself. It is very easy and very tasty . All the ingredients are healthy and low fat.

Recipe by: ANNA510

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This is a filling dinner that only needs a green salad and bread to complete it. You can find bulgur (cracked wheat) in supermarkets, or you can substitute cous cous.

Recipe by: jessica

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These amazing vegetarian burgers need to be chilled before you cook them. They are made with bulgur wheat, cashews and sunflower seeds.

Recipe by: Michael

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Wheat bulghur, soy grits, fresh onion, celery, carrots and mushrooms are all simmered together with stock and tarragon to make a tasty meat free meal.

Recipe by: Dotty1

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This is a great use for leftover rice, but it has to be brown rice. If you want cook one cup of raw brown rice to make two cups of cooked.

Recipe by: Cathie

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