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    There is a great selection of tasty seafood recipes apart from fish that can be cooked on the BBQ including prawns, scallops, lobster, squid and mussels.

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    King prawns marinated in lime, chilli, garlic and ginger and then barbecued. The perfect meal for a taste of summer!

    Recipe by: Marcus Hender

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    Prawns are marinated in a blended mixture of orange and lime juice and zest, garlic and olive oil then pan fried. You can barbecue them if you prefer.

    Recipe by: SBorodko

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    Scallops are fantastic on the barbecue and work best with a very simple presentation which allows their natural flavours to really shine.

    Recipe by: MAINJUMP

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    Quick and delicious barbecued prawns, perfect for a quick summer meal or a side dish at a tapas dinner.

    Recipe by: MARBALET

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    A great way to barbecue a prawn. You can add vegetables to the skewers as well - onions, capsicums and mushrooms are perfect.

    Recipe by: Kendra

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    A classic Vietnamese style snack or light lunch, barbecued prawns served over noodles and sauce based on mint, coriander, lime and fish sauce.

    Recipe by: LarryB

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    This Thai-inspired sauce is great with prawns but also goes well with chicken, pork or lamb. Serve with rice to make it a whole meal.

    Recipe by: Ryan Nomura

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    These yummy prawn kebabs have prawns marinated in garlic, olive oil and lemon juice then barbecued until cooked through. So simple yet so delicious.

    Recipe by: JuliettevanSon

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    These prawns are sensational! I have always marinated and cooked the prawns with the shell on. This requires the shells being removed prior to eating so make sure you have bowls of water with lemon for people to dip their fingers into. I would love to hear tweaks if anyone tries this recipe and shells the prawns prior to cooking.

    Recipe by: rasckus

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    This is a classic and simple method for barbecuing oysters which are then served with lemon juice, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce.

    Recipe by: N1COLE

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