BBQ Salmon

    Salmon is a great fish to cook on the BBQ whether you are cooking at home or on the beach where you caught it! These recipes are a great starting point.

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    Global Cuisine

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    This is an amazing sauce for freshly barbecued fish - tarragon, lemon and garlic with Dijon mustard. Perfect for a summer evening!

    Recipe by: Austin Geraldson

    80 reviews

    You may never have thought of the combination of fish and fruit before, but salmon and blueberries are just made for each other. A very summery dish!

    Recipe by: JAYDA

    45 reviews

    The secret of this sauce is the strength of its minimal ingredients - peaches, honey and curry. An amazing sauce for barbecued fish!

    Recipe by: Slinkee

    10 reviews

    I wanted to get more fish in our diet, so I experimented with different herbs for salmon steaks. This combination is especially delicious with a risotto and vegetables on the side.

    Recipe by: Wolfman's Bro

    36 reviews

    I made this burger once and have been hooked ever since. Once you get a rhythm, this is a quick and easy dinner.

    Recipe by: cathy a.

    28 reviews

    This salmon is marinated in vinegar, oil, honey, lemon juice, lime juice, orange zest, garlic, ginger, sugar and chilli powder then cooked on the barbecue.

    Recipe by: RBENEKE

    40 reviews

    This is your basic salmon barbecue glaze of lemon, dill and sugar. Very easy, and everyone loves it.

    Recipe by: SUSANNE:)

    17 reviews

    Salmon is such a great tasting fish that you have to be careful not to mask its flavour with too many ingredients.

    Recipe by: Dylan Fitterer

    No reviews

    This is a simple summer salmon dish that I cook on my BBQ hot plate. It is super easy yet very satisfying. I think the sauce really makes it.

    Recipe by: BushCook

    88 reviews

    This is a beautiful barbecued salmon fillet that is best when cooked over fire but if the weather isn't up to it they are also pretty good under the grill.

    Recipe by: Alan Harasimowicz

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