Chinese Soup (29)

There are so many Chinese soups from rich thick broths to light noodle soups. These recipes give a good variety for you to cook at home.

Top Chinese Soup Recipes

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A delicious Chinese soup which is usually made with pork but I prefer it with chicken. It has a good mix of chicken, vegetables and noodles.

Recipe by: MadeInCooking

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Egg flower soup is so simple and easy. Just season chicken stock with spring onion, soy sauce and white wine vinegar then stir in beaten eggs. Makes a great entree.

Recipe by: Brian Gillette

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A really simple Chinese-style chicken noodle soup using premade organic chicken stock. The perfect thing for a quick dinner or lunch.

Recipe by: Beverly

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This is a quick and easy Chinese hot and sour soup that includes tofu, bamboo, shitake mushrooms and cloud ear mushrooms in a rich chicken broth.

Recipe by: Chelsea

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This is a very popular Chinese soup. You can find the bak kut teh spices at Chinese shops - they are usually a mix of star anise, cinnamon, pepper, cloves and fennel. I sometimes add bok choy as well.

Recipe by: Pat

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