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Whether you’re making a traditional recipe like oysters Kilpatrick, oysters Rockefeller or something more modern there are plenty of oyster recipes to choose from.

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Oysters in whatever guise make a luxurious appetiser.

Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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For the serious oyster fan, an elegant Japanese presentation. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Japanese Oyster Shooters Video.

Recipe by: Jackie

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The classic American recipe where oysters are topped with spinach, bacon and Pernod then lightly grilled on a bed of coarse salt.

Recipe by: Barrett

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This is a classic and simple method for barbecuing oysters which are then served with lemon juice, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce.

Recipe by: N1COLE

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If you own a hand blender as I do, this recipe will be much more flavoursome, as the blending process melds the flavours of the ingredients to perfection, however you can still make this dip without one, you will just have to manually crush the oysters and anchovy very finely. Please don't let that put you off making it, as I guarantee if smoked oysters are one of your loves, you will make this dip over and over again.

Recipe by: rayjinbul

Oysters Videos

How to Make Oyster Shooters
How to Make Oyster Shooters

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