Szechuan Pepper (30)

    Szechuan (or Sichuan) pepper is unlike any other pepper, lemony and tingly. It adds distinctive fire to Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and Tibetan recipes.

    Top Szechuan Pepper Recipes

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    Beef chuck is wonderful and tender after slow stewing in aromatic herbs and soy sauce. Serve with freshly cooked rice, if desired.

    Recipe by: fatwolf55

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    Hand-pulled noodles are a tradition from Lanzhou in northwest China. Called Lamian, the 2 to 3 metre-long noodles are made simply with water, flour and patience! Served with a delicate beef broth, this is a truly special Chinese regional dish.

    Recipe by: Ping Lo

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    This is a traditional Szechuan style rib preparation with the ribs being slowly simmered then pan fried before being covered in a sweet and sour style sauce.

    Recipe by: Jin

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    This is a delicious way to prepare pork spare ribs - stir fried with a spicy sauce and onions. You can thicken the sauce with a little cornflour mixed with water if desired.

    Recipe by: Bing

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    This is a delicious and simple recipe for squid. Lightly coated in sea salt and pepper and then fried to perfection. Perfect for a hot summer's meal served with a fresh garden salad. You can also use precut calamari rings.

    Recipe by: Belinda Stafurik

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      How to Make the Perfect Chinese Beef Broth for Noodles

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