This powerful spice adds aroma to a wide range of recipes, from desserts like spice cake and muffins to many different curries and soups.

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    You need to leave the dough for these biscuits overnight. Serve with wine or your favourite ice cream. They are also great with coffee.

    Recipe by: Michele Flannery

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    I love easy cakes and this is definitely one; using fresh or tinned pears in a basic cake batter it is great warm as a dessert with ice cream or cold sliced.

    Recipe by: mutti-am-herd

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    This is a great tangy glaze for a whole ham. If you have any glaze left over, you can add it to the pan drippings with a little flour or cornflour and make a nice sauce to accompany the meat.

    Recipe by: Sue S.

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    These simple but delicious biscuits are from Sicily where they are called Dead Bones (L'Ossa Morte). They need to sit overnight before baking.

    Recipe by: BILLSFRAN

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    This delicious winter warmer of mulled wine is seasoned with cloves, cinnamon, lemon peel, orange, nutmeg and sugar. It's my favourite way to warm up on a winters eve.

    Recipe by: dbremner

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    If you're going to roast a leg of ham, try this honey and cloves recipe. It has a moist sweet taste which you'll find delightful.

    Recipe by: piscesbetty

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    This is a very easy recipe for a moist cake with a buttery crumb topping. The ground cloves make this different from other crumb cakes.

    Recipe by: WALLEN

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    The spices makes these biscuits tastier and a bit more interesting than your average chocolate chip biscuit.

    Recipe by: Sandra

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    A Christmas ham delight! A leg of ham is coated with a cumquat marmalade and mustard glaze then baked with pineapple juice and stout.

    Recipe by: Herbie's Spices

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    Tired of lamb with mint sauce? This version uses apricot nectar and is absolutely divine. The sauce goes great with mashed potatoes.

    Recipe by: Frann R.

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