Very popular in Asian cuisine, lemongrass gives a subtle citrus taste to recipes such as lemongrass chicken, lemongrass beef and soups such as Vietnamese pho.

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This is a really tasty way to prepare tilapia or other white fish - simmered in spiced coconut milk. Serve on a bed of rice.

Recipe by: TINY POEM

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A lovely hot and sour soup with tiger prawns and flavoured with lemongrass, kaffir lime, fish sauce and lime juice.

Recipe by: dakota kelly

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Snapper is cooked in a fragrant Asian-style stock. If you don't have any tamarind you can substitute distilled malt vinegar, as the tamarind juice lends a sour flavour.

Recipe by: Kim Abdullah

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These are the fresh Vietnamese spring rolls which are mainly chicken. The fresh herbs and chicken make them an enjoyable healthy option. Serve with Vietnamese dipping sauce.

Recipe by: Mister Umpire

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Marinated lemongrass beef skewers that you can grill or barbecue. Serve with rice vermicelli and Nuoc Cham Sauce.

Recipe by: Maryellen

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This dish is a popular in Thailand. It is a delicious, simple and really easy to prepare recipe that goes well with a salad.

Recipe by: Add Lim

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The lemongrass in the marinade is the tell-tail sign this recipe if from Vietnam where it is known as 'Thit Bo Nuong Xa'.

Recipe by: vietlove

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Cooked prawns are diced then placed in a lemongrass dressing that is wrapped in lettuce to be eaten. I leave out the chilli and my kids love it.

Recipe by: Wiley

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Crab legs steamed in lemongrass, garlic and ginger and seasoned with fish sauce, oyster sauce and pepper. Delicious.

Recipe by: Soup Nazi

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Congee is light, flavourful and very comforting. It is excellent when you are feeling under the weather and can be eaten any time of day. You can add more rice if you prefer a thicker soup.

Recipe by: DawnH

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