Chocolate Fudge Cake (24)

    When you’re in the mood for a really rich chocolate experience, a good chocolate fudge cake recipe will satisfy your cravings and these recipes give you that.

    Top Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipes

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    My 10yo daughter came up with a chocolate cake recipe when we were looking through my collection of recipes, looking for a recipe to make together. I tweaked things a little bit and it turned out quite good.

    Recipe by: Ryk

    65 reviews

    This is a gooey cake made in the microwave with a delicious chocolate sauce that separates out as it cooks. Great with ice cream or custard.

    Recipe by: FRYETTS

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    These are rich chocolate cupcakes with a brownie-like taste and consistency. The pecan nuts are optional.

    Recipe by: GINGER P

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    Super rich and super yummy, this recipe for fudgy brownie muffins was given to me by a Tupperware rep. They are delicious eaten warm or cold!

    Recipe by: MortarandPestle

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    I love a good moist cake and this fudge cake has the best texture. I like it with a caramel icing for contrast but you could also do chocolate.

    Recipe by: Charmaine Brooks

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