Chocolate Layer Cake (32)

    Variations on a classic, these cakes combine the decadence of chocolate with the elegance of a layer cake.

    Top Chocolate Layer Cake Recipes

    2 reviews

    Cocoa, flour, sugar and eggs are ingredients you’d expect to find in a cake. The surprise addition here is - tomato juice!

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

    348 reviews

    There's no cake quite so impressive as the Black Forest cake and it's not hard to make at home. Perfect for birthdays or Valentine's Day.

    Recipe by: Linda Greer

    146 reviews

    This cake is extra special when made with clear, unsweetened cherry liqueur (kirsch). If kirsch is not available, brandy is an acceptable substitute.

    Recipe by: Valinda

    125 reviews

    With Guinness and Baileys, so rich and decadent, a delicious Irish treat for St. Patrick's Day or any time of year!

    Recipe by: jowolf2

    1 review

    The easiest cake that even I can make it. No baking required and includes a generous serving of brandy.

    Recipe by: BushCook

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