White Chocolate Cake

Try one of these classic white chocolate cakes, and then experiment with variations like a German white chocolate cake. Amazing.

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These little cakes taste like a very rich buttercake, they keep very well and have the perfect texture for baking into moulded shapes. You can also use paper liners if you don't have dariole moulds for this. This quantity will make about 24 cupcakes and cooking time will be slightly less.

Recipe by: oOoOLivOoOo

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This a cheesecake that is so rich it's definitely a sin! It's best to refrigerate it overnight and worth the time to make.

Recipe by: MEZZIE

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I am not normally a fan of white chocolate cakes but this recipe converted me. Decorate with your favourite chocolate icing.

Recipe by: Sallie

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Well how can you go wrong with white chocolate, raspberries and cheesecake? Garnish with strawberries for an elegant presentation.

Recipe by: Cindy

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A delicious combination of creamy white chocolate, fresh strawberries and raspberries and smooth cheese on a soft biscuit base. You can use any combo of berries for this.

Recipe by: Zoe1990

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Anyone who likes white chocolate will love this cheesecake! Great for dinner guests and parties. Takes a while to make but every bit of it is worth it in the end!

Recipe by: SoOtY

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A cheesecake that is dense, and yet smooth, with a luscious white chocolate brandy sauce on top. Try drizzling chocolate or caramel sauce over each slice, or top with fresh fruit.

Recipe by: Judy Wilson

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This is a moist taste cake with a white chocolate frosting. You can also substitute vanilla essence for almond if you prefer.

Recipe by: MCLISA

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If you love your chocolate, this is the cake for you. This recipe provides a dense, moist cake, where you'll easily recognise the white chocolate flavouring. Don't forget to have your ingredients at room temperature - it's a great hint to get everything to come together well.

Recipe by: VanDerStad

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This no bake white chocolate cheesecake is so rich and luscious it just melts in your mouth. It is especially good served with a little stewed fruit.

Recipe by: skinnylittlecook

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