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In the heat of summer you need a nice cold drink to help you relax. These are our more popular cold drinks including juices, cordial and slushies.

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This quick and easy cold drink is perfect for a hot summer’s day. The recipe uses honey rather than refined sugar for its sweetness.


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Elderberry cordial is a delicious and refreshing treat and very high in vitamin C. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Elderberry Cordial video.

Recipe by: Magda

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Lemons in season, this is quick, easy and great flavoured cordial. Can also use limes, oranges, a combination, add ginger, cinnamon. Experiment!

Recipe by: KAS

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Garnish this fiery refreshing lemonade with extra sliced lemons or use slices of lemon rind from the leftover juiced fruit.

Recipe by: JHERCIK

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Very refreshing in hot weather and very economical if you have your own vine producing lots of passionfruit. Great to give away to friends too.

Recipe by: farmyard

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How to Make Elderberry Cordial
How to Make Elderberry Cordial

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