Bacon Finger Food (27)

    Bacon finger food is a hit at any party! Try some of these delicious recipes for devils on horseback, mini muffins, bacon cheese bites and more.

    Top Bacon Finger Food Recipes

    12 reviews

    Perfect finger food for a party the fish can be wrapped in bacon then put aside until needed, quickly grilled then served.

    Recipe by: ROBIN JOYE

    286 reviews

    This omelette is so easy and delicious. It bakes in the oven, so there is no watching the stove. My son loves to make it for us.

    Recipe by: LEAGLE

    90 reviews

    A simple cream cheese filling is used to stuff mushrooms before they are wrapped in bacon and baked in the oven, ideal for an appetizer, snack or party finger food.

    Recipe by: Jaida

    316 reviews

    These cheese and bacon mushrooms are perfect for an entree or finger food. You can use any medium sized mushroom.

    Recipe by: GRNSTR1PE

    3 reviews

    I have made this cob loaf a few times and varied it according to what ingredients I have on hand and each time it is perfect! Everyone loves it so much even if I cant come to a BBQ or Dinner they still ask me to make one!

    Recipe by: kate1810

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      How to Make Baked Omelette

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