Bacon Baking

Bacon is a delicious thing to bake with. Think of bacon quiche, a New Zealand bacon and egg pie or bacon rolls. Find inspiration in the recipes and ideas below.

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Lovely savoury muffins which are crunchy on top and soft and moist inside. These are great for lunchboxes or breakfast on the go.

Recipe by: SamUK

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These are a family favourite, it is an easy recipe which makes it easy to make with kids. They are perfect for a picnic, afternoon tea or even a side to soup.

Recipe by: Shelley Albeluhn

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If you are growing zucchinis this is a great recipe to use up any surplus. Cheese and bacon are the perfect combination for this tasty muffin.

Recipe by: Pam-3BoysMama

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Bacon goes well in everything so why not muffins. These are easy to make and a great savoury treat, sprinkle a little extra cheese on top if desired.

Recipe by: Shelley Albeluhn

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You can use anything you like to stuff the chicken, possibilities are endless.

Recipe by: rzanoletti

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A great snack or appetiser made of pita strips, cream cheese and bacon strips. I guarantee you they will not last long!

Recipe by: MACKENZIE318

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These savoury muffins make a great breakfast and contain a lot less fat than bought muffins.

Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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These are a lovely muffin for morning tea when you don't want anything sweet, we sometimes eat them with soup too instead of having bread.

Recipe by: barbarella

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Dates are stuffed with almonds and wrapped in bacon then grilled. Quick and easy to prepare special snack or finger food.

Recipe by: CINNTX

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Chocolate. Coffee. Bacon. What's not to love? Take yourself on a taste adventure and give these a go. They were a challenge by friends that turned into a great success.

Recipe by: mkecupcakequeen

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