Chicken and Bacon (42)

    Chicken and bacon go together well. When wrapped around a chicken breast, bacon keeps the bird moist. Or try a recipe for bacon and chicken pasta.

    Top Chicken and Bacon Recipes

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    This is a light dinner salad recipe that is perfect for summer and extra flavourful with the addition of bacon.

    Recipe by: Melissa Bellemare

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    A wonderful hearty casserole you can put on early then come back to later in the day with beautiful chicken and bacon.

    Recipe by: Pam123

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    This is a wonderful chicken and pasta recipe that uses a rich lemon butter sauce. It is relatively easy to make and compared to its amazing taste.

    Recipe by: URBANCHICK

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    This recipe is quick and easy, suitable for lunch or dinner. For a quick dinner with the family, or surprise your dinner guests with this dish filled with exciting Mediterranean flavours with a bistro feel. This recipe also works as a risotto, obviously replacing the fettuccini pasta with your favourite rice. Bon Appetit!

    Recipe by: Venuskitten

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    You can use anything you like to stuff the chicken, possibilities are endless.

    Recipe by: rzanoletti

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      How to Make Poussin Bonaparte

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