Cheese Pasta Bake

    There's hardly a meal more satisfying and easy to pull together than a cheese pasta bake. Check out some of the recipes below for ideas and variations.

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    A cheesy macaroni bake that uses edam and cheddar cheese along with ham and nutmeg to flavour the dish.

    Recipe by: ioninoz

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    This takes the standard pasta bake to the next level with the addition of blue cheese over regular cheddars. Add chilli to your preference.

    Recipe by: wellyboots

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    A really nice and simple lunch for two, penne is combined with two cheeses, fresh herbs and peas then baked in ramekins.

    Recipe by: Robert2

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    Now you can get turkey mince at the supermarket try this lovely pasta bake, a real crowd pleaser and simple to make.

    Recipe by: Yolli

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    You won't find a pasta bake as cheesy as this one! The secret ingredient is Brie. Not a dish for every day, but delicious when you make it.

    Recipe by: Unazukin

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