Warm Milk Drink (26)

Warm milk drinks may be a form of coffee or a pre bed drink to help you sleep often containing chocolate. Here are a range of milk based drink recipes for you to try.

Top Warm Milk Drink Recipes

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Warm milk with a spoonful of honey, vanilla and cinnamon makes a perfect relaxing drink. So easy when heated in a microwave.

Recipe by: essiemay

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Homemade Chai without all the artificial flavours. Use tea bags, vanilla essence, a cinnamon stick, whole cloves and ground spices. All simmered until well steeped.

Recipe by: Heather

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Feel free to fiddle with the recipe. For example add a wafer biscuit, whipped cream, marshmellows or chocolate shavings.

Recipe by: Chocolatechip

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This different way to make hot milk will make you sleepy in no time. I always have it when i can't sleep and it works a treat.


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This was a recipe of necessity, I was fed up of throwing away Nutella jars with still some leftover Nutella in them. So now we make Nutella milk to get those last few bits out. Puts a whole new meaning to 'milk shake'.

Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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