Orange Fish

    Lemon has long been associated with fish but now oranges are becoming popular with a range of orange fish recipes and orange sauces.

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    Salmon is glazed with orange juice, balsamic vinegar and fresh ginger. A lovely summery dinner with a salad and rice.

    Recipe by: LINDA W.

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    This is a light, delicate dish with subtle lemon and orange flavours. Nice for a dinner party! An easy entertaining meal that will delight your guests!

    Recipe by: Chef Dave

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    If you're tired of most tuna salads try this recipe which has oranges and cashews in the mix. Something exciting out of a tin of tuna!

    Recipe by: Edie Moon

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    This is a beautiful baked fish using Italian seasoned breadcrumbs; if you can't get them make your own by combining plain breadcrumbs with Italian mixed herbs.

    Recipe by: TKFraz

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    The balsamic, lemon, lime and orange juice marinade in this recipe adds a great flavour to the salmon fillets in this easy to cook recipe.

    Recipe by: GRENEL

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    Salmon is marinated overnight in soy sauce, brown sugar, orange juice, spices and fresh ginger, then grilled.

    Recipe by: onassis75

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    Jazz up fish fillets with a zingy orange sauce with Asian seasonings. Great with asparagus and jasmine rice for a light and tasty Spring dinner.

    Recipe by: Always Cooking Up Something

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    This is a great with tilapia or other mild fish because of the assertive flavours of sesame oil, soy sauce and orange juice.

    Recipe by: Nancy

    187 reviews

    Red snapper fillets with a citrus twist. Very quick and easy to prepare, a great base recipe you can tweak as you like.

    Recipe by: Brian Ehrler

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    Salmon fillets served in a delightful orange soy sauce served with rice.

    Recipe by: L. Britten

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